This is AOM Talk – a blog devoted to Associate-O-Matic, the incredible Amazon affiliate program that lets you set up your own online store in minutes! The plan is to use this to expand on (but not replace!), the AOM forum as a place that will offer useful tips to new users of the program, expound on various features discussed in the forum, and showcase interesting AOM storefronts.

To get the ball rolling, I’d like to offer the first useful tip; Something that recently came up in the forum –

Tip #1: When using a custom header, place only the path to the header file in the header section of the Advanced area of the control panel. So instead of using the url, as in ‘’, just use ‘header.html’.

There are a few places in the control panel where a url is required, such as a logo image, which is different from a header file. In other places a file path is needed. Generally the file path loads faster than an url, so whenever possible, use the path instead of the url.

Featured Site: Since this is the first post, and nobody has actually read this blog yet, I’ll offer up one of my own sites as a feature. The store is Dora Explorer, which is another of my ‘Hutton Method I’ sites. This stores sells merchandise from based on the children’s tv show ‘Dora the Explorer’. It has a custom tiled background, header logo, and category navigation bar, which uses CSS for the smooth mouseover effect. Incidentally, this store uses a custom header file, as discussed in the Tip above. All of the images used were taken from Amazon products, so there shouldn’t be any copyright infringement issues.

Okay, that’s a general idea of how I’d like things to look. If you would like to suggest a tip or a site, or have something you’d care to see discussed here, please use the Contact link located on the right-hand side to send it to me.

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