Keep Tabs On Your Content

Keep Tabs On Your Content

Patch#2 for v3.0.7 should be released within hours of this writing. Not only should it take care of the shopping cart bug noted previously, it will also correct another problem with the new Unbox feature. Unbox allows shoppers to your AOM site to buy or rent video online; They can select from Amazon’s library of available movies or television shows, and download the content once it’s paid for. Nifty!

Like wireless items currently available on AOM, customers who select this sort of product are taken directly to Amazon, bypassing the AOM shopping cart. If you decide to offer Unbox videos on your shop, it might be worthwhile to put up a notice somewhere mentioning that. A custom box in the BT or I1-5 positions would be a good place to do so.

Tip #3: If you use tabs in your storefront, an often overlooked feature is the ability to create tabs for custom pages. Handy if you want to feature things like shipping information, links back to landing pages, forums, or custom home pages, etc. Also a very good way to tie two or more stores together, such as different countries, etc. The custom page in this case would contain a redirect to the other store site.

When you set up your custom page, note the check box marked “Tab” in the top right corner of the setup box. Just click to put a check in it, and when you save, then refresh your page, the new tab should appear. How hard was that?

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