Tidying Up Some Loose Ends

Tidying Up Some Loose Ends

A few bits and bobs since last time…

Correction: I mentioned in the previous post that v3.0.7 will allow you to remove those pesky .01 books from your store. Well, that’s not entirely true; If a book is carried by multiple merchants, and the price ranges from .01 to whatever, the book will still show in your shop, unless you have a minimum price higher than the highest price of the book. Confused? Here’s an example –

  • You have a store about cooking. One of your books is “How to Fry Chicken”. It’s available from three merchants, with prices from .01 to .50. to .99. You set the minimum price in your store to .25. The book will show up in your listings, with all three prices. Even if you set it to .98, all three merchants will appear. Only when you set the min. price to 1.00 or higher will the .01 book vanish. Unfortunately, so will the .50 and the .99 versions.

So the penny book will still appear, unless there is only one merchant offering that title, or all the merchants are selling it for the same price. Bottom line is it may remove some penny books, but not all of them. Drat. Sorry if anyone was mislead by the earlier post.

v3.0.7 Bug: As you may or may not know, the newest version of the AOM software includes a bug that affects the operation of the shopping cart. If you have this version, you are advised to either roll back to 3.0.6 or turn off caching in your store.

The good news is a patch is under development, and beta testing confirms it seems to fix the bug. This patch should be available Sept. 15th, and will replace the current download available from the AOM site. Thanks to swissbob for coming up with the interim fix of turning off page caching.

Featured Site: Check out, which has a restrained clean look, using custom header & footer files, and a nice flash panel on the home page, plus clickable menu graphics below. With a clever domain name, to boot!

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