How Black was Your Monday?

How Black was Your Monday?

For many years, the Friday after Thanksgiving in the States has been known as the unofficial kickoff to the Christmas season. Thanksgiving is the last major holiday in the US before Xmas, and as it is always on a Thursday, the next day is unique in often being an extra holiday, but not recognized as such. While most shops are open, quite a few people will take it off to give themselves a four-day weekend. So it’s a perfect day for shopping. Thus it has evolved to be the single largest shopping day of the year. It’s called ‘Black’ because for many retailers, it’s the day they go ‘into the black’ as opposed to being ‘in the red’.

As online shopping has become such a major force in how we buy things, it’s inevitable then that the Monday after all this fun has become known now as ‘Black Monday’ – when everyone is back at work, and instead of being productive, using their lunch break or other company time to shop for whatever bargains they couldn’t find at the mall over the weekend. In keeping in step with Black Friday, the Monday event is supposedly the largest online shopping day of the year. Amazon had quite a few online sales and promotions running, but so far I haven’t heard of any big successes with AOM sites. My own stores have seen increases of traffic and sales, but it’s been ongoing for several months now, and not all my stores are seeing equal amounts. I’ll put this down to SEO work, promotion, and just plain luck in picking niches and themes, rather than any one-day increase. In fact, ‘Black Monday’ passed mostly unnoticed at my sites.

If you’ve had any different experiences, use the contact form (to the right) to let me know about it.

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