Coming Up: The Future

Coming Up: The Future

This week should see the beta release of AOM V4 – which promises a radical redesign of the program. Details have been sketchy, and the few things I’ve been made privy to, I have to keep mum on. But one of the big changes will be a tabbed control panel. So instead of a long scrolling page or a drop-down menu, there will be separate tabs for each area. Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks. I will do a more in-depth report next week, after I’ve have a few days to play around with it.

The current general release date for V4 is early to mid-January, depending on how much the beta testers find.

Tip #5: By default the preset side boxes (categories, subcategories, best sellers, new releases, etc.) are not numbered. They always appear in the same order in a newly-created store. If you then add a custom box to the side, it will show up at the top, regardless of if you number it or not. You must set the numbers for the preset boxes to allow you to control the location of the custom box.

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