And Now For Something Completely Different: V4.0.1

And Now For Something Completely Different: V4.0.1

A bit of a delay from the previous post, partly because of the holidays, and partly because the newest version of Associate-O-Matic has been tested, released, tested some more and finally re-released today. V4.0.1 has many exciting new features. Here’s the list from the AOM site itself:

• Simplified, Tabbed Control Panel
• Backup Restore – each time you save, a backup of current settings is made and can be restored
• Reset Login – must be logged in
• New Setting: Cache Lifetime – control how many hours your pages are cached (default 24)
• New Setting: Display Availability – toggle display on home/item/category pages
• New Setting: Display Category – toggle display on home/item/category pages (e.g. Category: Books)
• New Setting: Display Date – toggle display on home/item/category pages (release dates)
• New Setting: Display Shipping – toggle display on home/item/category pages (item shipping details)
• New Setting: Images – view buttons/icons currently used in your store
• New Setting: Mini Cart Box – shows shopping cart details
• New Setting: Rating Filter – only show reviews with rating equal to or above your threshold
• New Setting: Rating Style – choose rating style icon image set (several choices)
• New Setting: Review Filter – filter reviews based on words you specify
• Enhanced Setting: Display Asins – now toggle on home/item/category pages
• Enhanced Setting: Display Ratings – now toggle on home/item/category pages
• Enhanced Setting: Display Sales Rank – now toggle on home/item/category pages
• Enhanced Setting: Information Box – now in Subcategories section – specify Target for links
• Default browse nodes updated
• Enhanced cache statistics
• Advanced settings moved to the Site and Amazon sections
• Settings automatically saved as you click navigation Tabs
• Images folder added – all images now located in the /aom/images folder
• Save button at top of screen (in addition to button at bottom of screen)
• Newly added Amazon categories:

Kindle Store (US) direct buy buttons to Amazon only
MP3 Downloads
(US) direct buy buttons to Amazon only
– Apparel
– Baby
– Apparel
– Kitchen
– Jewelry & Watches

As you can see, there’s a lot of stuff here. The first, and most exciting thing you’ll see upon upgrading is the new control panel layout. It eliminates having to scroll endlessly from top to bottom, and it seems that clicking the tabs auto-saves the file. It also loads and saves much faster than previous versions. There are other nifty features, such as the ability to open a new window and view the store, which can be very handy when making changes on the fly. You can also view the images for buttons, etc. When I do custom buttons for a store, I always seem to miss one or two; now you can see them all at a glance.

The list above mentions tons of new customization features, such as displaying many bits of info by home/category/item. One great new wrinkle I like is the ability to choose how links in the information box open – in a new window, the same window, etc. Customers can open a link without leaving your store, which might help with abandoned carts. And of course, I must mention the new mini-cart box, which keeps a running total of what’s in the shopping cart. Your customers can keep tabs on how much they’ve added, without having to click on the ‘View Cart’ link. Again, it’s all about keeping them focused on the products, not wandering around the site.

A note about upgrading your existing stores – V4.0.1 creates a new subfolder within it called ‘images’. As you might expect, all the AOM images are now kept there, including the ‘add to cart’ and other buttons. If you install over your previous v2.x.x or 3.x.x version, your previous button files (including any custom one you may have made) will not be copied over to the ‘images’ folder. You’ll have to manually move them yourself.

All in all, it looks like a great overhaul of the program. The updated control panel alone is a fantastic step forward. Just when you think AOM can’t possibly get any better, it happens again.

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