Help Is On the Way! (Where Is V4.0.2?)

Help Is On the Way! (Where Is V4.0.2?)

In the previous post, I mentioned a bug in deleting custom boxes with version 4.0.1. This problem has been corrected in the upcoming V4.1.0. But that’s not the least of it – this version has several exciting new enhancements that will make you want to upgrade immediately, if not sooner.

A partial list of goodies I’ve seen in the Beta version include:

  • Item images in the shopping cart. This will almost certainly provide a nice incentive to help your customers follow through on the checkout procedure.
  • A whole section of links that can be set to “no_follow”, such as the breadcrumb trail (intermediate steps), the Related Category box, and several others. This will have a profound impact on how spiders see your site, and help with the endless and irrelevant indexing that we’ve all seen (as well as save on wasted bandwidth!).
  • Options for setting the list price, savings, etc. Useful to control what prices your customer sees.
  • A ‘tag cloud’ box that can be set for PT, BT, BB or PB. I hear it’s all the rage these days! There’s also a {TAG} option now to include in Meta tags.
  • Custom boxes can now be labeled in the admin panel. No more wondering just what that chunk of code does exactly.
  • You can now enter more than 10 ASINs for the ASIN Home Page option, and a random selection will be displayed whenever the cache for that page is updated.
  • …More!

So as you can see, there’s a lot of great tools packed into this new release. That’s why it’s V4.1.0, not V4.0.2. There’s just too much in the box to just call this a ‘minor release’. Make sure you keep your license current – you don’t want to miss this one!

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