Random Jots

Random Jots

A few short items rolled into one post…

Firstly, I’d like to mention that I installed a hit counter on this blog about a month ago, and I was completely taken by surprise to find that people do indeed read it! Most of the hits come from the AOM forum of course, but a few seem to stop by regularly, and even from search engines. So hello out there, and I’m glad to know you’re coming by. Hopefully you’re finding some useful or interesting information. I’m trying to make it a more worthwhile read. If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know.

Next, a few small bugs have crept into the current version, V4.1.3. Rest assured that the next upgrade is being worked on, and is right around the corner. Beta testing for V4.1.4 should begin soon, with a full release soon after. Keep checking the forum for specific dates and information.

GoDaddy: Many AOM users have stores hosted by GoDaddy, but it’s always been difficult because GD doesn’t support the use of AOM‘s .htaccess rules without some tinkering. Some users have reported getting the rules to work with RewriteBase / after the RewriteEngine on line. Other users have said that RewriteBase /your-aom-directory-name/ works instead. If you have any other rule fixes, let me know about them. Personally I’m not crazy about GoDaddy hosting because I don’t like their limited control panel. I’m much more of a Cpanel fan myself. But as a domain registar they’re fine.

Doing AOM Tech Support, I see a lot of sites, and usually put a lot of effort into resolving user questions. Justin and I try to make sure everybody gets some kind of answer, even if there’s little we can do. Most of the time however, we can sort things out. But I would like to request some assistance back from our customers:

  • Please don’t open multiple tickets for the same problem. Every ticket is seen and responded to as quickly as possible. Opening a ticket, then opening another a few hours later (or a few minutes later!) will not speed things up. In fact it just makes things more confusing, which ends up slowing things down.
  • Including an URL to your site is a great help, and can elminate a step in resolving your problem. Tickets may have long or short descriptions, but having the site address can speed things up. It’s surprising how many I see every week that don’t include this basic bit of information. I promise, we’re not interested in stealing your niche.
  • In a related point, not every problem requires me to have server access to help sort out, but some do. I’m probably in at least a half-dozen a week, on average. I appreciate those people who trust me in their web space. But like the previous point, I’m not interested in anything else you may have in your server, and when I’m done, I’m done. Then off to the next one.
  • Patience is a virtue! As stated, I try to answer queries promptly. Sometimes I may need some time between reading the question and answering it to research the info from the forum, or the test store, etc. Or just to ponder it in my head awhile. I may be in a very different time zone from you, so while I do answer questions seven days a week, there has to be time to eat, sleep and do all the other things. If your ticket is referred to Level 2, bear in mind that Justin has the same conditions, plus the time he spends working on the next upgrade, or developing new features, etc. We have a passion for customer service, but if some time passes while waiting for a reply, don’t assume you’ve been forgotten or bypassed.

Final note is a reminder that October is generally the busiest time for AOM licence renewals. Emails are sent out automatically, so please make sure your mailing address is current in the Customer area of the main Associate-O-Matic home page. You can check your renewal date yourself in the same area. Renewing promptly makes sure you remain eligible for the latest updates, and helps us continue to improve the program and provide support when you need it. It is greatly appreciated.

Okay, that’s hopefully quite a few little loose ends cleared up. More info next month. Questions? Comments? Let me hear you!

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  1. Siau Hen

    I see you actively help out newbies in AOM forum. I can see your passion towards this field. Please keep posting as I sure many of them needs your advise. I have subscribed this blog and hopefully can see more informative post in future.

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