Round the Corner

Round the Corner

With the release of v4.4.1, an interesting new design feature has finally been added to Associate-O-Matic. And that is the ability to incorporate rounded corners throughout the table layouts.

This exciting new option can be accessed from the Layout tab of the AOM control panel. As can be seen in the image below, you have the choice of squared or rounded corners:

The corner option under the Display tab

Once selected, it’s important to note that all tables are affected, including custom pages, and any custom HTML on the home page, etc.

For the more technically-minded, the <link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”aom/cfg.css.php…”> META tag in the header adds this variable at the end: CR=r&amp; (with r for ’rounded’). If you use a custom header, you may want to append this variable into the tag of your header file.

It’s also important to note that this feature does not display in Internet Explorer. Instead, visitors using IE will continue to see the typical square corners as before. Below are screenshots of the same site, viewed with FireFox and IE6:

Rounded corners in FireFox
Viewed with FireFox

You can see that the rounding affects the location bar and date, sideboxes, body box and pagination. It does not affect the search bar. Also, because the date is a sub-table within the location bar, it forms its own little rounded cell. Normally this is not noticeable when using square corners, but is quite apparent with the rounding feature turned on.

Viewed with Internet Explorer
Viewed with Internet Explorer

Notice this just like the ‘standard’ view of AOM with square corners. Not every site will benefit from rounding, but many people should find it an exciting new option for their sites, should they choose to utilize it. It should also be noted that from v4.4.1 onwards, the AOM control panel will exhibit rounding, as can be seen in the first image at the top (take a close look at the green save button).  However, IE users will continue to view the same square buttons and corners in the control panel as always.

V4.4.1 also incorporates many bug fixes, such as not being able to add the Site Name, the Select Option button being replaced by Buy at Amazon, and the built-in Sitemap not including custom pages properly. If you’re using a previous version, it’s recommended you upgrade as soon as possible. The previous post detailed many other exciting new features introduced in v4.4.0.

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2 thoughts on “Round the Corner

  1. Andy

    I like it – I think it fits in well with the rounded tabs that I’m using.
    I do find that the search bar now stands out though. I’d be interested to know if there are plans afoot to include the style for that element as well.

    Thanks for the excellent continuing work AOM…

  2. mcarp555

    Andy – I started thinking about it the other day, so maybe something can be done. Although if the developer (Justin) is successful with his plans to develop templating for AOM, it may make this redundant.

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