A Time For Change

A Time For Change

This blog was started in August of 2007, about a year after I had first discovered Associate-O-Matic. Originally on Blogger, it was a haphazard collection of thoughts, ruminations and observations about AOM. Eventually it was decided to move it onto a more professional-looking platform under WordPress. A theme was chosen, modified to suit, and a pattern of twice-monthly posts (later changed to monthly) was presented hopefully for the edification of AOM users around the world.

Over the past seven and a half years, almost every aspect of the software has been explored. A series of Users Guides were created, that focused on one particular aspect of the script in great detail. Much has been written about the external requirements of operating an online webstore, such as creating original content, improving SEO, dealing with GoDaddy, troubleshooting ionCube and how to unearth the Amazon AWS keys. A small number of videos have been produced, to help those who understand best with visual aids; and links to other corners of the AOM Universe have been gathered together, all in an effort to help the end user get the most out of an amazing program.

I have made more money with Associate-O-Matic than I ever dreamed possible when I set up my first store in 2006. I know others have made more, and others have made less. It is my profound hope that this blog has helped you position your stores to maximize their potential, and put you into profit. If not, I hope at least you’ve had fun trying, and maybe learned some things along the way.

But now, it’s time for a break. For quite some time it’s been harder and harder to find new angles of the program that have not been discussed. It’s true that some of the older posts are now out of date as Amazon and AOM have improved, upgraded or streamlined various features and functions. But not so much that I can motivate myself to re-cover what feels like old ground. With the successful completion of the last big project, the Original Content Manifesto, the well has run dry for the moment.

And as many of you may already know by now, Justin Mecham (the creator of Associate-O-Matic) and myself have formed a new organization, AOM, Inc. Justin and myself are co-owners of this company, and will be working to find new ways to promote and expand the brand, while continuing to focus on the customer support that keeps AOM as the #1 Amazon store program. We’re both very excited about taking this new step into the future as equal partners.

Also, there are just other things I want to do. Pushing the deadline for a monthly column drains the creative energies, and brings a level of stress into my life that I’d like to do without for a time. As dedicated as I am to the program, and helping all of you as best I can, I have other interests away from this keyboard. Some things have been neglected for far too long, and there are always new challenges, new vistas to explore. I want to do that for awhile, rather than worry about what to write about this month. Or the next.

I can do this because I know I’m leaving behind a body of work that is always available to anyone who needs it. The AOM Talk blog will still be right here. The roughly 80,000 words that have gone into it over the past seven and a half years is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a resource, along with the AOM Forum, and the new AOM Support/Help Center, that will provide an ongoing database of knowledge to address almost any question that may arise.

At any rate, I don’t plan to stop creating new content for this blog completely. All I’m doing is removing my self-imposed monthly deadline. I will continue to write and post new blog entries; the only difference is that I’ll do it when I want, not when I feel I must. Perhaps this will turn into every other month, or quarterly. Maybe less time, maybe more time. At this juncture, I simply cannot say for certain. When I have something to impart to you, I will do so. Feel free to follow the blog on Twitter at @aomtalk if you like, so when new content is posted, you’ll be alerted (or warned!).

So there we are. It has been a great pleasure to be allowed to blather on month after month about a program that I have such faith in; so much so, I’ve become a co-owner. Justin and I are both looking forward to AOM continuing and improving. I will be manning the oars at the new Support ticket help center we’ve been busy setting up, and hopefully having the time to do fun things in the ‘real’ world. I thank all of you for your interest in the program, and this site over the years. If my words through these many columns have helped you solve a problem or figure out a solution then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, and I’m pleased to know all the effort was worthwhile.

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