I have been using AOM since September of 2006, when I built my first online store, KidVidUK. Since then I have built over twenty stores of my own, covering a wide range of niches.

Also, I have built or worked on many more stores for other people, and can help you design and create a new Associate-O-Matic site. If you are interested in having me help you with a store, Contact me to discuss what you want. I’m happy to provide a list of customer-built sites upon request. For Associate-O-Matic templates, please click the AOM Skins link located on the right side of this page.

In May of 2008, after many months of active involvement in the AOM forum, I became an official member of the Associate-O-Matic team. As well as a forum Admin, I operate the Support area. In February of 2015 I became the co-owner of AOM, Inc. which now controls and operates the Associate-O-Matic software.

This blog was created to complete the  ‘third leg’ of the support triad (alongside the forum and support areas), helping customers with details of the software. My aim is to provide explanations of some features in addition to the online instructions available on the Associate-O-Matic site. Along the way I add my own thoughts and impressions. This blog is now an official AOM site, but the views expressed are entirely my own, as well as any errors, omissions or mistakes.